Air Scented Candle 

Top note: citrus, pear, armoire

Middle notes: amber, lavender, jasmine

Base notes: sandalwood, musk, vanilla

Scent Story

Taking you home to the windswept shores of Ireland, reminiscent of walks on the beach, sea salt in your hair, coastal herbs, and wildflowers in the air. Rosey cheeks the smell of wood-burning stoves in the distance and the wild untamed beauty of the sea.

Sound experience

There is a seed card included in each candle box that has a scannable QR code bringing you to natural soundscape recordings. Light your HOME candle while you get in the bath or when you’re sitting down for meditation and listen to an original recording from our in-house artist “Darkscapes”. Let us transport you.

Seed cards

The QR code to your soundscape experience is printed on a biodegradable seeded paper card, so when your candle has burnt out you can put the seed card in the jar with a hand full of soil and let flowers grow out of it. Encouraging the reuse of our beautiful amber glass jars. And bringing beautiful nature-filled moments into your home.

Product Details

  • 500ml/180ml amber glass jar
  • Silver aluminium screw-top lid
  • Three cotton wicks or single wooden wick
  • Vegan wax & fragrance oil
  • 10% fragrance load
  • Fragrance from perfume capital of the world Grasse France
  • Candle includes complimentary soundscape experience
  • Complimentary plantable wildflower seeded card
  • Burns for up to 60 hours (500ml)/30 hours (180ml)