Soak was founded in 2021 by Kaz Kearney and ever since she has been creating these amazing products where each scent range was created to help with sleep, anxiety, mood and energy levels while also treating your skin! They are all crafted carefully here in Sligo, only using 100% Atlantic sea salt, Irish seaweed, botanical herbs and essential oil.

€1 from every purchase goes to a mental health charity when you purchase a Soak product.

This jar of Bedtime Bliss Bath Salts is perfect for helping you unwind, relax and sleep while also allowing your skin to soak up all the nutrients to give you the softest skin. It is perfect as a gift to yourself to allow yourself some downtime before bed or as a gift for someone else.

Each Soak product is 100% Natural.

  • 100% Atlantic sea salt rich in minerals.

  • Almond oil to moisturise.

  • Irish seaweed to tone and detoxify,

  • Lavender oil to calm the mind & soothe anxiety.

  • Blue cornflowers to brighten and tone the skin.