A collaboration between Emma-Jane Leeson and Don Conroy.

Johnny Magory, his trusty dog Ruairi and his sister Lily-May have a magical adventure in a woodland setting with all their Irish animal friends.

Johnny Magory Books are official partners to CMRF Crumlin with a percentage from the sale of every book going directly to the charity.

Johnny Magory Business, run by Emma-Jane Leeson is evolving from simply a book series to becoming a brand for all things children, outdoors, exploring and Irish heritage, wildlife and culture.

Large format Picture Book

Purpose: To inspire parents and children to connect with nature.

Vision: To educate children globally on Irish heritage, wildlife and culture.


  • Adventure – be curious and explore anytime, anyplace.
  • Education – use every opportunity to learn and teach.
  • Family – the single most important relationship, always look for ways to bring families closer.
  • Fun – do what you enjoy and bring fun into everything you do.